About Andy

I am an artist born and bred in Brooklyn, and my dream is to make accessible handmade art that uses the highest quality materials.

My goal is to set a new standard for buying artwork online. For too long I have seen cheap canvas drop shipped from overseas or pixelated, low quality photography prints.  Don't even get me started on the framing! Everything about the experience makes people never want to buy "art" again. This is not good enough! All artworks are original, everything is custom made. You will never be able to find the same photo print anywhere but andyblank.com, because WE have taken the photos, designed the screen prints and created the paintings.

Each and every artwork is limited in time or quantity. I am really focused on making each artwork special. Once an artwork says "sold out" on the website, it is never made again...no matter what! ‚Äč

I only use local craftsman and suppliers because I truly believe in supporting local business. Every little part that makes up each artwork has been sourced or made in the USA.

  -  The injection moulded frames are manufactured in Upstate NY
  -  Screen-printing is done in Red Hook, Brooklyn
  -  Photographs are are Giclee prints printed here in the Andy Studio
  -  Paint is purchased from local art/hardware stores in Brooklyn
  -  Wooden boards are manufactured in Vermont
  -  All artwork packaging is 100% recyclable