'Lightyear' Spaceman Candle

Our iconic Andy Astronaut or Spaceman will be launching this Friday 3/10, Noon EST in an amazing wax candle figure form. Each 'Lightyear' candle shows the intricate details of the space suit, down to the natural folds in the fabric of the pants. It can function as a tabletop sculpture or candle. 

Each scent free candle measures 4.5 (L)x 3.5 (W) x 9.5 (H), and weighs around 2lbs. Note, this candle is fast burning, and lasts around 6hrs total. The wick is long so you can cut to desired length when burning. To increase the length of burn time, we suggest trimming the wick to 5mm.

This piece has been designed as tabletop sculpture. We suggest placing in a dish or candle holder to collect melting wax. When burning ensure your candle is placed in an open space with no shelving blocking the flame. 


$65.00 each

'Lightyear' available 3/10 Noon EST.

Limited quantities. Not limited edition.