When you think about Basketball there are three elements that make up the game. Court, Community, and Culture. The centerpiece to those three elements is the basketball itself; a symbol and piece of iconography that ties everything together to make the game what it is. To honor the re-established partnership between Wilson & the NBA, Andy is releasing our first series of limited edition sculptures commemorating the Wilson basketball and the 75th Anniversary season. 


Handmade and cast in our Brooklyn studio, each half tabletop basketball is made of solid plaster, and captures every detail associated with the basketball; the grip on the surface of the ball, the grooved channels that cover the diameter, and the Wilson logo. As a nod to our artistic roots, we have deviated from the obvious team colors in favor of pastels. As part of the NBA community, our interpretation of the iconic Wilson ball represents the intersection of game, culture, and art.
Available at - April 9th 12pm EST.
'Gameday Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow' will be available in editions of 75 each.
*Equipment pack includes acrylic disc for tabletop display