'Wrinkled' Paper Sculpture.

It is often the everyday things in our lives, that bring the most inspiration. At Andy, we work with paper everyday, whether it is for our prints, testing paints swatches, or sketching ideas. Sometimes those ideas don't always work out, and result in scrunched up pieces of paper at the bottom of wastebasket. We turned our cutting room floor ideas into 'Wrinkled', a wall mounted paper sculpture.



Understated and sleek, with a matte finish. We custom designed this piece, to resemble a crumpled piece of paper. From any angle, the piece captures the dimension of a physical piece of paper. Measuring 16 x 20 x 0.5 in dimension, this piece is the perfect addition to any space. The wall mount affixed to the back, was specifically designed to give the illusion of the sculpture floating on your wall. All screws, and tools needed to mount the artwork are included with each piece.

Limited Availability.
Available 10/28 Noon EST.