Packaging & Logistics

Full-Time: 40hrs per week (Mon-Fri + must be available one Saturday a quarter for our Open Studio events)

Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Must be based in NYC.


Each position within Andy Blank is integral to the customer experience, and Andy Blank’s success. The position of  Packer is responsible for ensuring that each painting, framed or rolled print is handled with care when being packed, and is consistent with the standard set by both Andy Blank & the Packaging Manager. Packers must be able to work effectively, autonomously, and efficiently. Additionally, they must demonstrate dynamic teamwork in order to motivate and inspire others to fulfill the company’s vision as well as our performance objectives. In collaboration with the Packaging Manager, it is expected that Packers take full responsibility and accountability for their assigned tasks, work station, and quality control of artworks, and packaging standards. It is expected that all team members support each other if needed, in order to reach goals set and maximize productivity, all whilst reinforcing the ONE TEAM core value. Attention to detail is especially important in this role, as such we ask that all applicants include the word 'Boxes' in the subject line of your email. Any applications that do not include this will be not be considered for the role. 

Specific Duties/Responsibilities:  All duties and responsibilities are included below, but are not limited to these duties. You may be required to assist in other areas and departments when needed. 

  • Carefully pack paintings, framed or rolled print paying particular attention to the safety of artworks during transit. 
  • Ensure their workstation is left clean and prepared for the following morning. 
  • Ensure correct shipping details and labels are applied to each package. As well as coordinate with each department for timely and accurate delivery of cross-departmental orders. 
  • Provide an equipment pack to all orders. 
  • Facilitate daily courier pickup of packages. 
  • Collect mail for each department and distribute accordingly.
  • Prep all packing materials necessary for the packaging process, especially surrounding releases, promotional sales, and holidays.
  • Work with the Packaging Manager to ensure all stock levels are kept accurate
  • Take out trash & recycling weekly in accordance with the rotating schedule between departments.
  • Reports any issues with supplies or equipment to the Packaging Manager within a timely manner, to ensure that a resolution is met swiftly.
  • Participate in quarterly inventory.
  • Have product knowledge of all artworks including if items are in stock, sold out, or limited edition.
  • Must arrive on time per schedule in appropriate attire for the workplace detailed in the Employee Handbook.
  • Constantly seek ways to improve workflow in your role, and learn new tasks outside of your role.
  • Must be able to lift up to 40lb

If you feel you would be a good fit for this position. Please forward along a cover letter and CV to