‘Andy in the Wild’ Content Creation Submissions FAQ

There is nothing we love more than seeing how you style your Andy artwork and objects in your spaces. We want to use your content to make an ‘Andy in the Wild’ advertisement. Share to Instagram or Tik Tok and tag @andy_blank. If Andy uses your content in an ad, we will give you a $100 gift card to use on your next Andy Blank purchase. Have more questions? See below. 

  • How many times can you submit? As many times as you would like to. Just ensure you have tagged @andy_blank to ensure your submission is considered. 
  • How do I know if my submission has been used in an ad? Our team will reach out for your details, and we will generate an electronic gift card that will be sent to your email. 
  • What if my content is used, but I do not receive an email from the Andy Team? Please reach out to support@andyblank.com and they will assist you in verifying all details, and generating your gift card. 
  • I received confirmation that my content has been used, and that a gift card was generated, however it was never received. How do I receive my gift card? Please ensure to double check your spam/junk folders, as sometimes things can get lost. If you still have no luck here, reach out to support@andyblank.com and they will resolve right away. 
  • My submissions have been used multiple times, and I now have several gift cards. Can these be combined? Sure, no problem. As long as all gift cards are valid (90 days), please reach out to support@andyblank.com, and they will generate a new gift card, and void the originals.