AB x Dasha Plesen

If we told you this was mold, would you believe us? Dasha Plesen, a Russian born artist and photographer, has mastered the art of bio abstractionism; or living paintings. From composition to color, Dasha has found a unique way to cultivate and showcase nature in a transformative stage that can often be seen as the end of a life cycle. Her art shows there is natural beauty in every stage of life. 

The process in creating each artwork requires time, patience and many iterations to achieve what Plesen refers to as the “Golden Section”; tone relations and textures, needed levels of transparency and gradients, a variety of organisms, and how they are organically combined all together resulting in these colorful colonies. “You can create 100 variations, and only 20 may be what you are looking for,” Dasha details. But when she knows she has developed something special, it is obvious. “Once I can see them, I can’t breathe or talk for several minutes, while experiencing it. I want to share it with everybody”. Each stage is documented in images showing “the extreme changes, blowing and vibrating colonies. Like a balloon at this edge, where it’s gonna explode;  colorful and poisonous melting sugars, so sticky, coveted and glamorous”.  


Plesen’s unique style of art was discovered organically. Similar to how the process itself evolves over time, so too did her interest in these vibrant ‘biocollages’. Whilst studying art and design, Dasha was tasked to think beyond normal art practices. Her art is an amalgamation of her first passion in medical science and her love for nature and the uncertainty of evolution in natural processes. She describes her practice as the “quintessence of everything which makes me feel this life on the highest edge”. Her hope is that each person feels something different when viewing and absorbing her pieces, that it is almost embedded in each organism as it evolves. This is why her pieces are rarely given names. However, there are instances where she can feel the name, “because it has volume, mood and smell”. This is how ‘Blowing’ and ‘Sugars’ were born. Both prints will be available at andyblank.com as the second installment of our artist series.


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'Blowing’ + ‘Sugars’ by Dasha Plesen  

Available only in White 24x24 Frame  - Limited Edition of 100 -  $179 each.

Live on February 19th, 2022 - 12pm EST -  www.andyblank.com