Andy Records

The first vinyl records, originating in the early 1950’s, used microgroove plastic to extend a 12-inch record’s play time to 21 minutes on each side. Forty-two minutes of (almost) uninterrupted music! Whilst our affinity for music, and the way we access it has changed over time, the beloved vinyl still resonates with all generations from Z to Boomer.

Our latest release won’t give you uninterrupted music, but it will leave you inspired for years to come. Each record is handcrafted and pressed to achieve different effects; marbled or splattered with complimentary colors. Our ‘Andy Records’ series will launch this weekend, framed in handcrafted Canadian maple wood from Vermont, featuring the first of two records we will be releasing this year. 

Each 12- inch record, whilst unique in each pressing, also has unique markings or ‘dimples’ on the surface and at the edges of each one. You will also find a matrix number at the center of each vinyl, located between the lock groove and the center label on the dead wax of the album. Making each one distinctive, special, and covetable.

This series will be limited to an edition of 200 each while stocks last. See below for more details. 


Available only in Maple 24x24 Frame  - Limited Edition of 200 -  $199 each.

Live on February 12th, 2022 - 12pm EST -