AB x Dasha Plesen - Series 2

We are kicking off our Artists series again with a second installment with Russian born artist Dasha Plesen. Andy worked with Dasha in early February 2022, where we featured both 'Sugars' + 'Blowing'. The delight in Plesen's work, is finding beauty in an unexpected place such a mold. Each colony provides snapshots of mold at different life stages of growth. Showcasing the different structures, textures, and colors within these cycles. This week we will be releasing 'Galaxy - Recomposition' & 'The Mirror is Dirty' in a limited edition run of 100 per print.




You would be correct to assume that not all elements within the artwork are naturally derived. Plesen "uses different pigments, which can provide enormous effects from the side of density, textures, color tightness, shades, mood. Some cultures can soak the color, and produce new shades through their excretory system". She herself still marvels at the process, which is organic in its production noting, "this is truly magnificent, all these gradients and multi layered shades.  It's like Photoshop tools, but they are real. I can touch them with my fingers, smell with my nose, and feel". If it is not clear, this process is multi-faceted to the artist, it is not just about creating art, but how art makes her feel from the inside out. She relies on all senses to create, inspire, and cultivate each petri dish. There is never a specific goal when she sets out to develop these engineered organisms. For Plesen, "Goal means the end in some cases. I love the process of discovering people's reactions through my works. When I start to think about goal and purpose - I deactivate and cant be connected". 






If you would like to learn more about the artist, and our previous collaboration you can view HERE.

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'Galaxy - Recomposition' - Purple + ‘The Mirror is Dirty’ - Multicolored by Dasha Plesen  

Available only in White 24x24 Frame  - Limited Edition of 100 -  $189 each.

Releases 16th June, 2023 - 12pm EST -  www.andyblank.com